2023 Poppy Campaign

The 2023 Poppy Campaign begins Friday, 27 October 2023. 


From 27 October 2023 to Remembrance Day millions of Canadians will wear a Poppy as a symbol of national pride and respect; a visual pledge to never forget.


Each year the Legion conducts the Poppy Campaign to honour those who have served, or are currently serving, and to raise funds in support of Veterans and their families.


During the Poppy Campaign you will see Poppy Trays in the Spruce Grove and Area Businesses that have offered to place a tray on their counters.  During Tag Days you will also see Legion Members or Volunteers with Poppy Trays at the entrances of Spruce Grove and area businesses. We invite you to take a Poppy and wear it during the Poppy Campaign; donations are appreciated.


Some Poppy Trays will accept electronic donations by scanning the QRS code on the Poppy Tray.  The donation will be sent to the Legion Branch closest to credit card holder's area code.


The donations to the Poppy Fund directly support Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP, and their families.  Poppy Funds may also be used for purposes such as the relief of disasters, when declared such by the Provincial or Federal Government, where Veterans may be impacted in those communities, and the promotion and administration of Remembrance activities to ensure that Canadians never forget the sacrifices of our Veterans.


The Local Branches, each Provincial Command, and the National Command in Ottawa hold their Poppy Funds "in trust", in a specific and separate bank account. The use of these trust funds is strictly controlled, and they are only used to assist Veterans and their families, as permitted by the Legion's Poppy Manual. The funds are never used for the Legion Branches or Commands.


Each October, prior to the start of the new Poppy Campaign, we will provide on this website the details of how we utilized the Poppy Campaign Donations from the previous year.

Oct 27 Poppy Campaign begins
Oct 28 Tag Days
Nov 4 Tag Days
Nov 11 Remembrance Day
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