Present or past serving members of the Military or RCMP are 'Ordinary' Members of the Legion.


If you have not served in the Military or RCMP you may join the Legion as an 'Associate' or 'Affiliate' Member.  


Membership application forms may be obtained at the Branch, or the application form may be downloaded from the Dominion Command website and brought to the Branch already completed. Alternately, you may join the Legion on-line using the membership portal, and select Spruce Grove (Branch 02) as your home branch.


Membership Fees may be paid annually, or up to 5 years in advance.  Membership fees are due between September and December of each year wiht a grace period extending to January. After Jan 31st members that have not paid their dues are no longer in good standing so must be signed into a Branch when visiting, cannot play in Legion Sports etc.


in 2022 Digital Membership Cards became available. At the time of membership dues payment you may choose the plastic card OR the digital card - is it the members choice but they cannot have both. In order to have a digital membership card the members email address must be registered in the Dominion Command membership portal. iPhone uses will download their card to the Apple Wallet.  Android users will download the card to the Google Pay app.


Annual Membership Dues are $55 for all Members.  

Membership Dues Breakdown:  
Dominion Command (national headquarters) $23.11                            
AB-NWT Command (provincial headquarters) $13.50
Branch $18.39
Total  $55.00


Annual Membership stickers are available at the Branch on Sept 1st of each year, with the current years' dues to be paid by Dec 31st.  The stickers are to be placed on the back of your permanent (plastic) membership card. 



There is a one-month grace extension to Jan 31st.  After Jan 31st any member that has not paid their current dues is no longer a Legion Member in good standing, as per Dominion Command By-Laws, and must be signed into the Legion by a Member who is in good standing, as the general public is, until the current dues are paid and their Legion status restored.  Likewise members that are no in good standing are not eligible to play Legion sports, attend conventions, etc.


As of 05Jul2021 our Branch has 278 members on the books, with 139 having paid their 2021 membership dues.


The membership dues may be paid by visiting the Branch, or using the membership portal.  You may also sign up for automatic renewals using the membership portal






Digital Membership Cards are now available - at no cost.


When you renew (or obtain) your membership you may request a digital card OR keep the plastic card - your choice but you CANNOT have both. You must have a current email address registered in the Dominion Command Membership portal. 


iPhone users will download the card to the Apple wallet on their cell phone. 


Android users will download the card to Google Pay on their cell phone.