Poppy Campaign 2018

Important Dates


The Poppy Campaign will start on 27 October 2018, and conclude on Remembrance Day.


During the Poppy Campaign you will see Poppy Trays in the Spruce Grove and Area Businesses that have offered to place a tray on their counters.  Please take a Poppy and wear it during the Poppy Campaign; donations are appreciated.


During Tag Days you will see our Members, with Poppy Trays, at the entrances of Spruce Grove and Area Businesses.  Please take a Poppy and wear it during the Poppy Campaign; donations are appreciated.


The donations received from the public are placed into a Poppy Trust Fund. They are only permitted to be used for the purposes detailed in the Poppy Manual of The Royal Canadian Legion.  Poppy donations are not permitted to be used by the Legion Branches for their operating expenses. Each October, prior to the start of the new Poppy Campaign, a notice is published in the Grove Examiner detailing how the Poppy Campaign Donations from the previous year were utilized by our Branch.


27 Oct 2018 Tag Day
03 Nov 2018 Tag Day
10 Nov 2018 Mini Tag Day
11 Nov 2018 Remembrance Day

Utilization of 2018 Poppy Funds

During the 2018 Poppy Campaign you contributed $38,446 to Spruce Grove Legion’s Poppy Fund.  To date, $23,438 has been dispersed in compliance with the Poppy Manual, with some requests for assistance awaiting approval from The Alberta-Northwest Territories Provincial Command.  This includes:


  • Assistance to Veterans in Need
  • Donation to HiMarc (Heroes in Mind Advocacy and Research Consortium: a motion-assisted, multi-modal memory sensitization and reconsolidation research study for PTSD patients at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital).
  • Donation to Valour Place in Edmonton
  • Donation to Alberta-NWT Command Poppy Fund
  • Donation to Copper Sky Lodge Spruce Grove (where several Veterans reside)
  • Donation to The Good Samaritan Society-Spruce Grove (where several Veterans reside)
  • Donation to St. Michael's Grove Manor (where several Veterans reside)
  • Educational bursaries to Children, Grandchildren or Great-Grandchildren of Veterans
  • Donation to 755 Parkland Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
  • Donation to Parkland Navy League Cadet Corps Erwin J. Stolk