2016 Poppy Campaign Donations

Distributed from Nov 2016 to Oct 2017



Spruce Grove Branch 281 of The Royal Canadian Legion would like to thank the public for their generous contributions to the Poppy Fund during the 2016 Poppy Campaign.


Poppy Funds are held “in trust”, in a separate bank account, at all levels of the Legion – at Local Branches, and Provincial and National Commands.  The use of these trust funds are strictly controlled, and only used for the purposes detailed in the Legion’s Poppy Manual.  Under no circumstances may they be used for the Legion Branch itself.


Your contributions to the Poppy Fund directly support Canada’s currently serving and retired Veterans (including Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP) and their families, who are in need.  Funds may also be used for specified purposes such as the relief of disasters declared by Provincial or National Governments when Veterans may be impacted in those communities, and the Promotion and administration of Remembrance activities to ensure Canadians never forget the sacrifices of our Veterans.


During the 2016 Poppy Campaign you contributed $39,180.50 to the Spruce Grove Legion’s Poppy Fund.  To date, $26,906.00 has been dispersed in compliance with the Poppy Manual, with additional requests for assistance awaiting approval from Provincial Command.  This includes:

  • Assistance to Veterans in Need
  • Donation - Canadian Military and Veterans' Chair in Clinical Rehabilitation, University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Donation - Veterans Villa
  • Donation - Alberta-NWT Command Poppy Fund
  • Donation - The Good Samaritan Society-Spruce Grove (where several Veterans reside)
  • Donation - St. Michael's Grove Manor (where several Veterans reside)
  • Educational bursaries to Children, Grandchildren or Great-Grandchildren of Veterans
  • Donation - 755 Parkland Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron
  • Donation - Parkland Navy League Cadet Corps Erwin J. Stolk