There are a four Membership categories:

  • Ordinary Members
  • Associate Members
  • Affiliate Voting Members
  • Affiliate Non-Voting Members

Annual membership dues vary from Province to Province, and Branch to Branch. The Spruce Grove Legion membership dues are $55 for all members.


The membership year runs from 01 January, to 31 December of each year. The cards for the upcoming year are available for Membership renewal in September of each year, and are to be paid by 30 Dec.


In August 2016 Dominion Command sent the 2017 Membership cards to the Branches, for all members that had paid their 2016 dues by 30 June 2016.


So, from Sept 2016 to Dec 2016, members paid their 2017 Membership dues and received their 2017 Membership cards.  


If the member had not pay their 2016 dues by 30 June 2016, Dominion Command did not send their 2017 Membership card. The Branch must then request the 2017 card if the member wishes to renew.


Some Branches, including the Spruce Grove Legion, provide card lamination for a nominal fee.


Important Dates:

  • 01Sept to 30 Nov:  If you renew by Nov 30th you are an "Early Bird" renewal.  
  • 31 Dec:  All Membership renewals due.
  • 31 Jan:  Final deadline for Membership renewal.  After this date the member is no longer in good standing with the Legion, as per Dominion Command By-Laws; all Membership privileges are revoked until the dues are paid, and if the member wishes to enter a Branch they must be signed into the Branch by a member that IS in good standing, just as the general public is.